The Restoration Service Bundle

Your Restoration “Deductible”

For qualifying restoration projects, we offer All For One, a deeply-discounted bundle of some of our most fabulous A La Carte restoration services (stain treatments, deodorizing, and repairs) so you never have to pay more than a fraction of replacement costs for “the works”...and we pay the rest. If your carpet can be saved, we'll do everything in our power to keep it where it belongs: under your feet and out of the landfill.

Sometimes, bad things happen to good carpet. When carpets are so abused that piecemeal A La Carte pricing of necessary Restoration Services is no longer cost-effective, the decision is made to replace a carpet that could be saved. We see that as a preventable waste of resources, both in a materials sense and the obvious financial sense; we believe that any carpet that can be saved should be saved, so long as it makes financial sense to do so and the expected results are going to be up to everyone’s standards. Because we’re in a position of influence on both counts (cost and results), we’ve decided to step in at the point where concerns about cost-effectiveness show up...and smash them.

Say “Hello” to All For One.

Think of it as something like an insurance policy for your carpets that we take out for you. For qualifying projects, all you have to pay is your “deductible,” the rest is on us.

How does it work? The price for the Bundle, or “deductible,” is a flat rate, per square foot, plus Standard Cleaning. You pay one price, and get unlimited times through the buffet that is our A La Carte service menu.

What’s in the Bundle? UNLIMITED quantities of ALL qualifying services from the “Specialty Stain Treatment,” “Carpet Deodorization,” and “Carpet Repair” categories. Pet urine, red stains, re-stretches...all of it.

What’s not in the Bundle? Services not applied directly to carpet (deodorization of walls, etc); any service we don’t ordinarily recommend or offer; any project we feel will not meet our or your standards; installation materials (pad, edge metals, tack strip, sub-floor sealers, etc); carpet replacement, including moving carpet from one room to another and large patches (usually, in excess of 24” on any side); most dyeing and color restoration; emergency services: flood extraction and drying, trauma cleanup, etc; mold abatement; stripping/hauling of carpet for disposal; fees (extended travel and set-up, after-hours service, missed appointments, late/finance charges, inspection fees, etc).