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We are a family-owned and operated, independent carpet cleaning, preservation, and restoration company rooted in the rich soil of Portland, Oregon. Our office is planted at the foot of a tiny volcano, and has a tasty vegetable garden in front.

What can I say, they’re the best! Dependable, professional and can make old carpet look new again. They can remove most any stain and pet damage as well.
— Tawnya A.

We service the Greater Portland Area, from Canby to Vancouver, and Sandy to Hillsboro.

Some of our fans.

Some of our fans.

We clean carpets. We preserve carpets. We repair carpets. We restore carpets. We clean upholstery and loose rugs, too.

We started cleaning professionally in 1972, though we were in the habit of cleaning things before then, in our own homes. It was on a particularly frosty day in 1972, bent over the kitchen floor, that we said "hey, people would pay us to do this," and that's when we started invoicing ourselves. Eventually, we started working for other people. And now, here we are, the brightest light in the local cleaning game, in demand far and wide. You may know us from such fine works as "that bank in Sellwood" or "Aunt Rosie's house." Why not get to know us in your own home or business, and become part of the legend?

I’ve worked with Americlean at my property for the last 8+ years. They have always been friendly and professional, and have saved me through the years by squeezing me in even when they were booked solid! Their techs have always been honest about whether a carpet could be saved or should be changed out. I trust the quality of their work and use no other carpet cleaning service since finding them.
— Belinda L.

We can be silly, sure, but we take cleaning seriously. We believe in what we do. We believe that the best way to serve the environment and community here (and everywhere) is to clean what we all have, keep it in good order, and preserve it for the future. Taking care of what we have, making it last longer, means less waste. It means less money and resources poured into things that could have, and should have, been saved. It means more money and resources are set aside for important things, like family vacations, good food, and helping others along. We stand for preservation of what's already here, now, for better living today, and into the future.

Americlean is amazing! I have worked with them for years and they are always right there when needed, especially in a crunch or emergency. They have done wonders on carpets I never thought would come clean. When I think carpet cleaning services, I think Americlean for their customer service, reliability, and great quality!
— Sheila J.
Our founder.

Our founder.

We are focused on sustainable, earth-friendly practices that promote the reuse and rejuvenation of existing carpet instead of replacement. Well-maintained carpets last longer. They're pleasing to the eye. They promote good health for the people and pets who live on them.

Our purpose is to help you achieve those goals. We want your carpets to stay where they belong: under your feet, and out of landfills and recycling depots.

With professional, conscientious cleaning techniques, regular maintenance, preservation steps, and, when needed, effective and safe restoration and repair services, there's no reason why a carpet can't last long past its warranty period, and we aim to make that happen for you.

Americlean is a great company to work with. They’ve saved me several times when an apartment turn went wrong. They know what they’re looking at and are honest about their skills. If you think a carpet is beyond saving they can assess the situation and tell you if a miracle can happen. They have amazing patch and dye skills, and are also equipped to deal with 24/7 water extraction emergencies; I’ve met them on-sight at 4am.
— Stephanie W.

Call or write us today to request a free, no-hassle quote. We can give you some idea of cost over the phone, but for precise estimates we'll probably need to come over and see what you've got. We promise, there's no pressure to buy anything, or to buy more than you need. We don't like pushy salespeople, either! More to the point, selling you more than you need would go against our bedrock philosophy of doing only what's needed, and no more (or less) than that. To do otherwise would be wasteful, and dishonest.

We're here to help, and we work hard for you. Simple.

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