A La Carte Restoration Deodorization Services

Urine: We offer a full range of proven urine deodorization services, from topical treatments all the way to pad replacement and specially-formulated treatment and cleaning of both sides of the carpet, scalable to any contamination level.

Pet Dander (aka “wet dog odor”): Correction of this issue can range, like urine, from simple topical treatments, to pad replacement and specially-formulated treatment and cleaning of both sides of the carpet.

Cooking Odors, Tobacco, and Smoke: These odors are generally not limited to carpeting, and seat themselves throughout the living space (walls, ceilings, cabinet interiors, etc). We generally only tackle carpet-based odors, but can offer help and advice throughout the home.

Mold, Mildew, and Other Yucky Stuff: While we don't handle the mechanical/structural causes of water infiltration (such as leaky pipes and foundations), if there's mold or mildew odor in your carpet and pad and the leak's been stopped for good, we're ready and compelled to annihilate all those smelly, health-damaging horrors with hospital-grade sanitizers, and, when necessary, industry-standard, carpet mill-endorsed drying techniques. We hope you never need to, but if the worst happens, see our Flood Extraction and Drying section for more information on our disaster response services!

Asthma and Chemical Sensitivity: If you have concerns about deodorizing services and how they might affect yourself or other sensitive members of you family, just let us know; in most cases, our deodorizing (and cleaning!) services are provided without added perfumes or other covering agents, but there are some exceptions (for instance, our standard booster for oil-based soils is citrus-based, and can leave a temporary "orangey" scent behind when conditions require that we use a lot of it); if you let us know beforehand that you'd prefer not to have any odors, pleasant or not, temporarily left behind, we'll adjust our services accordingly. Be aware, of course, that sometimes the results aren't quite as good when we leave some things out or swap them for less-effective measures.

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The Restoration Service Bundle

Your Restoration “Deductible”

For qualifying restoration projects, we offer All For One, a deeply-discounted bundle of some of our most fabulous A La Carte restoration services (stain treatments, deodorizing, and repairs) so you never have to pay more than a fraction of replacement costs for “the works”...and we pay the rest. If your carpet can be saved, we'll do everything in our power to keep it where it belongs: under your feet and out of the landfill.
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