Flood Extraction, Drying, and Re-installation

Nobody wants to make that call, so if you ever have to, we make it as painless as possible. Our flood services include initial water extraction, carpet and structural drying, sanitizing, and re-installation of dried, cleaned carpet.

Cheerful 24-hour emergency dispatch is available at 503-771-0554; if we don't answer live, leave a message (frantic screaming is okay, but scream clearly so we can hear your name and phone number), then follow the prompts for "emergency delivery" and we'll get back to you ASAP.

We do not stop leaks, so if the water is still coming in, consider calling a plumber or other contractor for that part. However, we're happy to work alongside them to get as much water out as possible, and halt or slow its spread, even before the leak has been stopped.

Time is of the essence in these situations; the sooner the extraction and drying process begins, the less damage (and monetary cost) accrues.

Deposits against estimated costs may be required in some cases, before service begins. Due to the unpredictable nature of...nature, estimates for flood work are given within a range, and are dependent on many variables, some of which are out of our control (such as reoccurring or unrepaired leaks, folks turning off our drying equipment, more bad weather, weird houses that were constructed in ways that don't make any sense, strange gravity effects –usually only a factor on spaceships– etc). We work hard to save you from surprises (you've been through enough already, haven't you?) and will always keep you informed all the way through. With over forty years of experience in these things, we've got a good nose for anticipating oddball stuff, but it's important to recognize that we can't make everything behave exactly as we want it; buildings aren't made with this kind of thing in mind, and sometimes they (and the elements) are crabby about it.