A La Carte Restoration Repair Services
(Stretch-in Carpet Only

Patching: For structural weaknesses, permanent stains, burns, and other mishaps requiring surgical intervention (please have donor carpet available; scraps are great, closets can be harvested in a pinch). The fancy-sounding folk in our industry call patches "bonded inserts," which is a great way to make a patch sound like it's not a patch, but it's actually a patch, so here, between friends, let's call a patch a patch and get to patching.

Re-stretching: For loose, “wrinkled,” or “short” (frayed) carpet. Can include patching, anchor (tack-strip, edge metals, etc) replacement, pad supply/installation, etc.

Seaming: We can insert entirely new seams, repair or replace existing ones, and more. This is often complimented by our patching and re-stretching services.


Native Dye Replacement and Color Restoration

Spot Dyeing: Neutralization of bleaching agents & application of carpet dyes to correct chemical bleaching and other damages to the native color of carpet.

Sun Fading: Sunlight's a glorious thing, especially 'round these parts, but it does tend to cause some trouble here and there, especially around patio doors and big windows. Is your usually vibrant and happy carpet looking tired and lifeless in these areas, as if someone painted over them with the "dull" brush? Has it got you down? Rejoice! It's repairable.

Full Color Changes: Generally not offered, but on special occasions we can be talked into it (not because we can't do it, but because the options in changing a carpet's color are necessarily limited –because carpet dyes are semi-transparent, like water color paints and food coloring dyes– to going darker, which most folks don't want). This service is most useful when a carpet has been (semi- or permanently) stained so much it looks like a Jackson Pollock painting, and stain treatment is cost-prohibitive or otherwise impractical; in a pinch, provided the stains will blend well with (and be hidden by) the new color, it's easier to just "paint" over the mess. If you like brown.

Things to keep in mind: color repair is best considered as camouflage rather than a seamless replacement, as used carpet isn't as friendly to carpet dyes as it was during manufacture or when new. Wear takes a toll on dye acceptability, and so do bleaching agents like chlorine. Carpet fibers (nylon, in this case) have tiny "pits" all along their surface that hold dye particles; as carpets wear down, these pits wear away, too (and/or are otherwise rendered ineffective). And chlorine bleach (as well as other aggressive chemical agents, including urine) can affect them, too. In the case of bleach, dye sites can literally be burned away, leaving less spots for dye to adhere to than it once had. Sometimes, the bleaching agent can actually eat away at the yarns and backing (the matrix that holds the yarn in place), causing what's technically known in the industry as a "bald spot." In these cases, and in cases where dyes just won't stick, patching is the only option left. Luckily, we do that, too!

Some of the above services are also available as part of:


The Restoration Service Bundle

Your Restoration “Deductible”

For qualifying restoration projects, we offer All For One, a deeply-discounted bundle of some of our most fabulous A La Carte restoration services (stain treatments, deodorizing, and repairs) so you never have to pay more than a fraction of replacement costs for “the works”...and we pay the rest. If your carpet can be saved, we'll do everything in our power to keep it where it belongs: under your feet and out of the landfill.
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