Rug and Upholstery Cleaning

Rugs: If it lays on the floor, we can clean it. Unless it's your dog. For quick, light cleaning, many rugs can be cleaned in place right in your home. For a more thorough cleaning (and for all restorative procedures), we'll need to take them (your rugs, not your dog) back to the shop. Some rugs can only be cleaned in the shop, regardless of how "clean" they look at home.

Upholstery: If it sits on the floor (or rides along in your car, because we do car interiors, too), we can clean it. Unless it's your dog, or it's leather. Or if it's your dog, wearing a leather vest. Stop doing that, by the way. Your dog asked us to say that.

Other cool stuff you might not think can be cleaned, that we can clean: Plush toys, muppets, mattress covers, throw pillows, outdoor upholstered furniture and cushions, automobile and RV interiors (upholstery and carpet), pet beds, wigs*.

*Note: we do not clean wigs, that's a typo. I mean, we could try and clean a wig. We're not opposed to it. Some of our favorite dogs wear very fine wigs.